Hire Third Party Logistics Company in Nigeria

Hire Third Party Logistics Company in Nigeria

Ocean Trends Worldwide Ltd is your number one Third Party Logistics Company in Nigeria that helps in purchasing, planning, implementation of raw materials, warehousing, supply chain management, and transportation of your shipments to the final destination.

Historical research shows that logistics is the major factor in successful daily lives operations in supply of foods, and transportation of people and goods or services. In today’s sea freight forwarding and cargo shipping business in Nigeria, it is very important to hire the best freight logistic company or partner with an experience shipping logistics and packaging company to ease your shipments of goods and its related workloads.

Before thinking of hiring a logistics company to help in your supply chain management and transportation of goods, it is require of you to do proper research about the logistics solution company you want to work with. Some of the important things you need to know about the Company is their years of experience, logistics qualities and competence; efficient cargo tracking technology and cost effective services.

Looking for the best shipping logistics company in Lagos Nigeria?  Ocean Trends Worldwide Limited is a leading sea freight forwarder and cargo shipping company in Lagos Nigeria. We provide the best freight logistics and packaging services, shipping warehousing and supply chain management in Nigeria. With standard quality of service, safety and urgency conscientiousness; we arrange and package your most valuable, goods for quick delivery to Nigeria or worldwide.


What A Third Party Logistics Company in Nigeria Can Do for You


#1. Freight Brokerage

Freight brokers are individuals or companies that play intermediate roles between the shipper (a person or freight forwarding company who owns the goods to be transported) and a freight carrier (company that transport shipment).

Our freight brokers can help in shipment safety, time management, and reduce damage of goods during transportation to final destination. As your #1 rated third party logistic company in Nigeria, we help you outsource different shipping logistics services, warehousing, product storage, and delivery and transportation of cargo in a shipping operation.


#2. Global Shipping Services

A third party logistics company (3PL) helps in providing services such as cargo insurance, freight forwarding, customs clearance, and packaging for easy shipment. We also handle procurement services and supply chain management of other shipping companies.


#3. Information technology

The use of top notch technology software by Ocean Trends Worldwide Ltd in areas such as uch as electronic data interface (EDI), application programming interface (API), and cloud base system is important in shipping and logistics business.

As trusted freight logistics company in Nigeria, we make use all of these tools to enhance efficiency in supply chain management, sales tracking and inventory management.


#4. Warehousing Services

Ocean Trends Worldwide Limited provides efficient warehousing management systems, secure storage facilities of products, and handles tracking of inventory, distribution of parcels and receiving of shipments in Nigeria. Other function as Third Party Logistics Company includes documentation, global transportation, and assets based 3PL.

Ocean Trends

Sea Freight and Cargo Shipment Company in Nigeria.

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